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A New Chapter...Obligatory New House Post

One of my pet hates, one thing that makes my toes curl, my blood boil and other cliches about being angry, is when asking someone how they are they reply "BUSY!" Busy isn't an emotion, it's not a feeling and if you are equating being busy with being happy or successful, then you are neither (in my opinion)

Recently I have been busy, and now I am happy. Taking another step in the direction of becoming a real life adult, I have bought a house with Debbie (my fiancee). Not just any house, a house that's miles away from anything and anyone I know, but that's kind of the point. Having spent the majority of my life living in Glasgow, I felt it was time I made a change, try something new, new pubs, new streets, new people, new adventures! So we've moved to Ayrshire! (I will attribute my new grey hairs to the stress and farcical rigmarole I went through in actually buying the house, but that is a story for another time) I'll always love Glasgow and actually, not being there, makes me love the place even more. 

Maybe it's my cancerian tendencies, maybe it's my penchant for piracy or the fact my grandfather was a sailor, but whatever it is, something about the sea and the coast feels homely. Despite being busier than ever with work and business, walking along a freezing cold beach listening to the sea and the waves, looking across to the mountains of Arran feels very calming and it puts it all into perspective. 

Anyway, I'm off to eat some Ayrshire ham, read some Burns and tend to my lawn. Until next time.



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