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Reflecting On The Year

As it turns out, change is hard! Really hard, without a plan.

I'm a planner, I like to have a plan with goals and stick to it to achieve them. I'll deviate and play off the cuff if need be, but always with the end goal in sight. I've done myself a disservice with this blog and I've not achieved what I wanted to.

I think I've done well in building the site (from scratch...on my own...) but I've neglected it since then, despite my reasoning behind making it was to write more and experience more, thus writing more.

Since my last post, I've taken a trip to Arran. A fantastic Island that has changed my life, I hope to retire there one day in the hope that Island life is as romantic as I think it is. I'm in the middle of buying a house. I've started work on 3 new projects for 2016 and I've completed a years mentoring with my business mentor Stewart, a relationship that has grown into a real valued friendship.

A year mentoring has a real poignancy to it, which Stewart and I discussed over steak frites last week in Glasgow's Hutchison's (which I highly recommend.) The first meeting we had, was in Bread Meats Bread, I thought it was on brand, I wore a tshirt and jeans and we talked about the "what if" dream / nightmare scenario of a client ordering 100 garments, what the product range was (at the time it was "just jackets") and what the plan for the future was, which at the time, might as well have been the paper that the chips came in.

Fast forward a year. Our last meeting was in Hutchison's, my new favourite place in Glasgow to meet clients and friends, it is on brand. I had changed out of one of my own label bespoke suits and ties and threw on a pair of wool trousers and lambswool jumper (research for the RTW collection) and we discussed with excitement the 1000+ garments being ordered from the next potential project. The topic of future planning came up and I surprised myself at the detail and understanding I had of what I wanted to do next year and the ease that it came from me.

So looking back, the guy in Bread Meats Bread seems unrecognisable now, but that's part of it isn't it. I hope at the end of next year I can walk past Hutchison's and see the same ghost in the windows, of the guy that has a lot to learn and a lot more to do.

P.S - I said I wanted to build on my photography and take it up as more of a hobby. Below are a few images I took recently from Arran and Oban.


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