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Doon The Watter

It's been some time since I last visited the Isle of Bute; the last time being an accidental holiday where we ran out of money (spent it all on pints and drams) on the first day and spent the rest of the weekend hitchhiking and walking across the Island.

With a big project in the pipeline I headed over to Bute Fabrics in Rothesay for an initial design meeting. With my new camera in hand (Sony Cybershot WX350)  I boarded the Cal Mac ferry and enjoyed the crossing.

Bute Fabrics Ltd is a small mill in Rothesay, about 5 minutes from the port. The company was founded after WWII for ex-servicemen and women to get back into employment. Today they create beautiful upholstery fabric  inspired by the colourful and vivid landscape of the Island. 

Our initial design meeting went well and I'll hopefully be back to the island soon. With crossed fingers for similar autumnal weather.